Busy Market!

The house and condo market is extremely busy with so many in multiple offers. We listed a house and a condo last week. In 4 days the house has received over 90 appointments. The condo is also very busy. Both are not taking offers until later this week. Sellers used to look at pre-emptive or bully offers but in the current market most aren’t looking at offers until the offer date. It’s just too busy and most times it pays off to wait. The frenzy is exhausting for buyers, sellers, and for agents. We expect it to be quite busy through this year. The pandemic has spurred a lot of movement and we aren’t done yet.

Happy new year to all!

Happy new year to all! I think this year many of us have reflected on the silver linings that the pandemic has given us. We are grateful for what we have. Sometimes it’s all about the little things. This winter our cauldron and pizza oven gave us much joy. I never knew that pizza in front of a fire in the winter could be so much fun.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients and friends who have supported us through the pandemic. Our team has had a record year and I am grateful for that.

Here is to 2021 – may we transfer all that we have learned for a better year.

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