Booming Prince Edward County

Hot real estate outside Toronto. The demand for vacationing and or moving to areas outside of Toronto has been significant. Prince Edward County is one of the areas which has recently gained popularity. When you go there one can see why. Not only are there some great places to stay but what is interesting is its variety of things to do and visit. It has become somewhat of a foodie area – great restaurants, cheese places, cideries and wineries. Without the hills but with a lake it almost started reminding me of Cherlevoix/Baie St Paul area. The area around Waupoos where we stayed is one of the hot parts. Wellington has the renowned DRAKE DEVONSHIRE and some more known wineries like Norman Hardy but Waupoos has its own vibe. You can enjoy cider and great food overlooking a vineyard and Lake Ontario. Picton has some great restaurants. One can only imagine what this has done and will do to real estate prices.

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