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The Motria Group's Market Blog: China's conflict with Canada will make purchases by Chinese buyers much more difficult

Monday Feb 4th, 2019


China’s conflict with Canada will make purchases by Chinese buyers much more difficult. China is not allowing large conversions of Chinese Yuan to Canadian dollars. This will make large real estate purchases very difficult for Chinese buyers. Tough mortgage laws are requiring foreign buyers to show proof of income even for purchases with 35% down. This may again dampen buying power. Despite this, demand remains high so we believe good properties will continue to sell... [read more]

The Motria Group's Market Blog: Investors/ buyers now looking for opportunities

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017


Investors/buyers now looking for opportunities… There are now a significantly larger number of listings on the market. We are now seeing buyers and a larger number of investors starting to look for good deals and opportunities. We have had a number of calls on our listings from agents and buyers who will not show or look at the listing unless they know that the seller is willing to negotiate on price. They will argue that the market has cooled and the seller should be negotiating on... [read more]

Before and After: Staging pays off

Thursday Nov 3rd, 2016


In September we listed a property which was previously listed by another agent and had sat on the market for 73 days. Upon inspecting the home, we decided that staging and painting were critical to sell the home quickly and for top dollar. At first the sellers were reluctant because it was a lot of work for them and they were not convinced it would work. After showing statistical proof that staging is a gamble that pays off, the sellers agreed to follow all of our advice. Following the staging... [read more]